This is a current list of CEU's that are offered at Locksmith Association of San Antonio. If you would like to see another subject taught, feel free to contact us.



ADA-Life Safety Code (7-hr)
Adam Rite Exit Device-vendor (4-hr)
Alarm Lock Trilogy-vendor (3-hr)
Auto On-the-bench (4-hr or 7-hr)
Autos—in SM (7-hr)
Baron Elect Safe Locks (1-hr)
Basic Elect/Access Control (7-hr)
Basic Elect-hands on (1-hr or 4-hr)
Business is more than sells (4-hr)
Defense Against Methods of Entry (8-hr)

Dorma Power Operator Stand Alone (1-hr)
Dorma-vendor (4-hr)
Dorma, Alarm Lock & HPC (7-hr)
E-Plex Factory Cert-vendor (3-hr)
Ethics (1-hr or 2-hr)
IC Core-small Format (7-hr)
Impressioning (6-hr)
Kaba Mas X-09 (8-hr)
Life Safety Code (8-hr)
Life Safety Code-vendor (4-hr)
Master Keying IC Core (4-hr or 8-hr)
Master Keying non IC Core (4-hr or 8-hr)
Marks IQue (3-hr)
Medeco-vendor (7-hr)
Mul-T-Lock-vendor (3-hr)
Novation-vendor (3-hr)
Picking (6-hr)
Rules & Regs Update (2-hr)

Record Keeping (2-hr)
Safe Deposit Box Locks (6-hr)
Safe Opening (4-hr or 7-hr)
Safe Servicing (4-hr or 7-hr)
Simplex Lock Cert-vendor (7-hr)



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